Cookies are small text files stored on your computer while browsing the Internet, phone, tablet or other device designed to webnavigation.


TECHNICAL COOKIE: This website, based on CMS (content management system), uses technical cookies to improve the browsing experience: it uses session and browsing cookies for the correct operation of the website and to improve browsing experience, such as remember the content of an electronic cart, allow user login, remember the language settings etc.).

THIRD PARTIES PROFILING COOKIES: This website, in addition to technical cookies, uses (or might use) third party profiling cookies. In particular, the site might use the following third-party services that can release profiling cookies:
Google Analytics (We might use Google Analytics for statistics on site visits); Google Fonts (We might use the Google Fonts service to beautify the site with nice web fonts); Google Maps (we might use the Google Maps embedding service on web pages); Youtube videos (we might use the Youtube video embedding service in the pages of our site to make some videos directly accessible to users); social buttons / plugin / widget (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter etc. - we use these buttons / plugin / widget to allow users to interact with social networks, to share content on social networks, to vote, to like content, comment, etc.)

The third-party cookies are set directly from the third party from a different domain than the one visited. These third parties usually use cookies for the purpose of profiling for advertising purposes (eg send to your browser targeted advertisements based on the preferences shown).

The managers of this site are not responsible for the content of external websites of third parties that may be set or not set cookies.


At the first visit of this site, the user receives a strip (banner) at the top of the page, informing the user himself, through a short informative, about the use of cookies. The banner also contains a button that leads to this statement, or complete information. Closing the banner, pressing the accept button or if you continue browsing, you give your consent to the use of cookies. After closing the banner, this consensus is remembered for 365 days due to the setting of a technical cookie, and the banner will no longer appear at subsequent visits, unless the user resets the cookies of their browser.
Note that when the consent is given to the use of cookies, the website will be offered the theoretical possibility to use cookies, however, giving the consent does not automatically mean that cookies will actually be always set, for it depends on the pages that are visited or the website functions.

Most browsers are set by default to accept cookies automatically, but the latter are usually deactivated by the user accessing the options of their browser, by changing the settings themselves to refuse consent to all or certain cookies types. Many browsers have a help section with documentation to access the settings and change them at will.